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About Silicon Roundabout Ventures

We launched Silicon Roundabout Ventures as a £5m Super-Angel Seed fund in the UK to invest in European Deeptech, leveraging our community (Silicon Roundabout) of 15,000 entrepreneurs and engineers, through which we previously attracted, selected and helped launch 33 Deep Tech and Big Data startups now valued at over £6 Billion.

The fund is backed by top-tier VC Molten Ventures (LSE:GROW) and exited founders, engineers and execs: including ex googlers, amazonians and from 2 unicorns.

Our main focus within deeptech is on overambitious technical founders building infrastructure technologies in critical areas such as Computing, Climate and Defence.

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Silicon Roundabout Ventures operates a closed-ended VC fund investing in European deeptech founders and building up an A.I. Powered insight engine and syndicate that’s exclusive for their own LP.

For information about future opportunities to join as an LP: siliconroundabout.ventures/investors

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News, Insights and Dealflow from the world of Deeptech. Build in Public: we send this public list the (almost identical) Investor Update sent to our LPs. Sensitive information, co-investment & LP perks may need to be redacted.


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